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World’s #1 Expert In Consciousness Optimization Presents:

The Awakening Experience

If you want to experience Life with a driving sense of Purpose, Unstoppable Personal Power, Deep Inner Peace, and unyielding mental Clarity… then this might be the most important message you ever read.

Dear Friend,

My name is Hamilton Souther, and for the past 15 years I have been helping folks like you to free themselves from the bonds of their cultural-societal programming, reconcile their inner conflicts, and discover new paradigms of Joy and Understanding that redefine their lives.

For more than a decade I practiced as a Master Shaman in Peru, where I facilitated over a thousand ayahuasca ceremonies for people from all walks of life, from all over the globe – united in their search for Healing, Meaning, and a more fully realized experience of Life.

I’ve been featured on National Geographic, and in numerous international publications including The New York Times, The Houston Chronicle, The Denver Post, LA Weekly, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, FOX News,, and many more.

While I know how important and impactful my work with ayahuasca was, there came a time when I started to long for something more…

To take the Transcendental Wisdom I found in the ancient traditions of Shamanism, and make it relevant to the modern day…

…And make it accessible to everyone else who isn’t interested in flying to Peru and plunging into the intense, sometimes frightening – and often physically uncomfortable – experience of an ayahuasca ceremony.

So in January of 2016 I came back to the United States to begin the next chapter…

And using the research I’ve gathered over 15 years – working with tens of thousands of people – I have developed a process for guiding folks such as yourself to Activate and Balance every level of your Consciousness…

So that you can experience the True Nature of Your Life…

Totality of Being.

I call this process – which uses a ground-breaking blend of Meditation, Ancient Shamanic Practices and State-Of-The-Art Brain Entrainment Technology…

The Awakening Experience…

Imagine a Life Free of Fear, Doubt, Worry, and Regret… and Defined by Love, Peace, Confidence, Passion, Purpose, Creativity, and Abundance… where all parts of your Body, Mind, and Spirit are in Total Harmony with every aspect of your Life…

Well, this is what The Awakening Experience is designed to achieve.

And for a limited time, you have the rare opportunity to be guided through it personally by me and fellow Master Shaman, Christian Gearhart, in a small group retreat setting.

Here are a few examples of how Activating and Balancing Your Consciousness could affect your life:

  • Business: Eclipse the Competition by aligning all conscious and subconscious thoughts – Hitting Your Goals and becoming as Productive as humanly possible
  • Education: Increase Total Intelligence by enhancing your cognitive function, Heightening your Creativity, and cutting down on the “mental chatter” that normally distracts you
  • Athletics: Enhance your Performance by bringing your Body and Mind into Harmony so you can easily experience the “Flow State” that world-class champions talk about
  • Family Life: Become Emotionally Stable and Balanced (the #1 stabilizing force for your children is YOU and when you are emotionally stable, open and available, so are your children)
  • Romance and Sexuality: Ignite Passion and Pleasure by Eliminating Self-Doubt, Self-Consciousness, Judgment, Shame, and anything else that is holding you back from being your fully Present, Authentic, Sexy Self
  • Emotional Healing: Experience Inner Peace by finding resolution with painful memories, and re-training your mind to deliver only positive thoughts and emotions that make you feel good

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The Awakening Experience is based around Timeless Shamanic Wisdom… and yet is simple to absorb and easy to understand.

By the end of the first night of ANY of the retreats, you will already start to see results… (One of the most common effects of the program is an immediate sense of Euphoria and Inner Peace).

While every case is completely personal and unique, here are some of the results you might experience after going through The Awakening Experience:

  • Liberate Yourself from Anxiety (by re-wiring your brain for perpetual Optimism and Positivity)
  • Experience “Strokes of Genius” and Intuition (by opening yourself up to the Collective Consciousness of Totality) to help you solve problems in your life
  • Love Yourself for All that You Are
  • Love Yourself for All that You’re Not
  • Transcendent Understanding of Reality from an Advanced Metaphysical Perspective
  • Gain a deep sense of Respect for yourself
  • Discover Personal Truths that Define You, allowing you to Grow and Change (if you want to)
  • Gain the Courage to choose exactly how you want to live your life
  • Become more Generous, Helpful, and Giving to others
  • Gain Self Control around your vices, so that you’re in complete control of your behaviors
  • Experience blazing levels of Motivation, ready to be channeled into any area of Focus you want
  • Experience Oneness and Flow in everything you do
  • Become completely Grounded and Centered, 24/7
  • Re-write the Story you were taught to tell yourself, and change the Beliefs that have been ingrained in you your entire life
  • Stop Procrastinating and Get in the habit of Taking Action toward your goals
  • Experience laser-like Focus
  • Cut down on mental “chatter” so you can be Present and Experience all the Beauty of the present moment
  • Get Clear on what you Want out of Life
  • Discover the best way for you to have a positive impact on the world while doing what you love the most
  • Gain new Confidence around Romance, allowing you to be your fully Authentic self and attract the partner that is perfect for you
  • Eliminate Doubt by learning to Trust Your Intuition
  • Find Release from Your Insecurities
  • Increase your self-awareness (on the physical and metaphysical level)
  • Develop Saint-like Patience
  • Regain your lost sense of Wonder that was schooled out of you as a child
  • Become Calm, Motivated, Interested in New Adventures and Discoveries
  • Live in the Moment with a Deep Sense of Gratitude
  • Learn to Trust others and see their Inner Light
  • Let Go of Self-Judgment
  • Transcend your “Limits” (your inner conflict is the only thing preventing you from achieving ANYTHING in this life – Balancing your Consciousness REMOVES inner conflict)
  • Let go of Anxiety around Money (you have to feel completely at Peace in order for Abundance to be attracted to you!)
  • Overcome your compulsive behaviors and bad habits (like compulsive overeating or smoking)
  • Make Peace with your past (forgive your past self for the decisions you regret, and actually feel gratitude for the lessons they allowed you to learn)
  • Boost your Self-Confidence through the roof

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When you Activate and Balance all 4 parts of your consciousness, you will gain new levels of Mental Clarity you’ve never imagined…

Your mind will move at light speed to solve the “problems” in your life – and in most cases they won’t even feel like problems anymore, because you will gain the ability to look at them objectively, without telling yourself a story that imposes limitations on you.

Because when you experience the Universal Perspective that The Awakening Experience is designed to trigger in you, the possibilities for what you can achieve in your life are endless…

  • Believe In Yourself Fully and Completely, allowing you to accomplish your dreams
  • Discover Your Own Personal Meaning Of Life
  • Become more Comfortable in Social Settings by being in touch with your Authentic Self, and Free the of Fear of being judged
  • Feel Unconditional Acceptance for All Beings
  • Feel Accepted Unconditionally by The World At Large
  • Experience Inner Peace, so that you can feel the Bliss of loving everyone you know unconditionally
  • Becoming more Inspirational and Motivational to others through your Energy and Charisma
  • Gain the Courage to make drastic life changes in order to Honor Your Happiness (like quitting a job you hate or ending a toxic relationship)
  • Magnify Your Ability To Manifest the Life Circumstances You Desire
  • Overcome Fear of Loss and Appreciate what you have while being at Peace with its Impermanence
  • Align Yourself with Universal Abundance (so that you start to receive more money and opportunities for prosperity into your life)
  • Communicate with Spirits and Beings on different planes of Existence
  • Experience Your Body As A Sanctuary
  • Learn to Forgive and Release Your Anger, so that you can be fully and Joyfully in the present moment

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When you experience The Process as it was meant to be, you will find yourself connected to Source Energy – Universal Love – like never before.

You will finally be able to Love Yourself for All that You Are, and for All That You’re Not…

You will forgive others for their Imperfections, and even start to Appreciate them for who they are and what they make you feel, whether it’s Pain OR Pleasure…

The Awakening Experience will allow you to:

  • Appreciate all the Ups and Downs for the rich texture they add to your Life
  • Experience RADICAL Forgiveness of yourself and others
  • Bring your Internal State into alignment with the level of Physical health you want to be experiencing
  • Become a Powerful, Compelling Public Speaker
  • Discover a sense of Purpose that drives you to succeed and makes you incredibly Influential to other people
  • Experience Perpetual Joy in Life
  • Let go of other people’s opinions of you
  • Become a Prolific Creator of Art, Music, and/or Entrepreneurial Ideas
  • Experience Total Relief from Financial Stress
  • Develop a Deep Sense of Self-Worth (you DESERVE all the Success and Abundance Life has to offer)
  • Boost your physical Vitality and Energy
  • Boost your connection to the Collective Consciousness
  • Develop Super-Human levels of Intuition
  • Clear your subconscious of all the Shadows you might be holding on to
  • Become a Channel for Divine Wisdom
  • Experience Complete Emotional Healing

Boost Your Self Esteem by recognizing your own inherent Beauty and Worth at a subconscious level… Balance your Emotions to feel consistently Happy… Experience new levels of Enlightened Thought and Perceptions…

…and the list goes on and on, because really…

The Awakening Experience Can Allow You To Get Just About Any Result You Desire.

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Now, due to the limited capacity of these retreats, we have to be extremely selective with who we can allow to attend.

You see, not everyone is ready for Awakening. This process is designed for those who want to experience Reality as it TRULY is – liberated from the dualistic, limiting beliefs that were imposed on you by the media and education systems that taught you how to think.

YES, The Process is a fun, one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you feeling amazing and connected to me and your “class-mates” on a deep, soul level… But it has the potential to do MUCH more than that:

The Awakening Experience is the method through which you can actually RE-PROGRAM YOUR BRAIN…

…so you can FREE yourself of negative thought patterns and activate your brain’s TRUE potential. The Process takes TIME (the complete program involves 3 weekend-long retreats)… And due to the extremely limited capacity, it requires a substantial financial investment.

More important than the Time and Money (which plenty of people have)… This Process takes COMMITMENT. You must be committed to getting the results you want to experience.

Because if you show up to these retreats, ready for the dawn of a new era in your life, you’re bound to have an Awakening Experience that could very well change your understanding of Yourself, The World, and The Universe.

If this is something you’re ready to commit to… I wholeheartedly encourage you to apply for one of our upcoming retreats.

However, I’m sure by now you’re wondering…

How much is The Awakening Experience going to cost me?

And the answer to that, my friend, is up to you.

You see, the entire Process is intended to be experienced over the course of three weekend-long retreats, spread out over a 6 month period…

We like to think of each retreat in the process as a step down the path toward Total Liberation of Mind, Body, and Spirit… and, depending on your needs (and assuming you’re qualified), you may choose to take as few or as many steps on the path as you desire.

The first step on this path to Transcendence is called Discovery, and requires an investment of $850.

Discovery is a 3-day retreat that focuses primarily on helping you to finally experience your own Body and Consciousness as a Safe and Lovely place. We call this sensation Sanctuary.

This is our “entry level” retreat, and many of our students choose to attend multiple Discovery retreats before moving on to the next step of the process.

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The second step in The Awakening Experience is called Immersion, and is available to those who would like to experience an intermediary between Discovery and Perfection. The investment for Immersion is $1500.

At this level, you will be familiar with the experience of Sanctuary, and will be able to reach it within yourself at will as we combine introductory Discovery techniques with advanced Perfection techniques.

Immersion will delve deeper into the mysteries of Being and begin to shift your Consciousness away from its dualistic nature and towards a new paradigm of Total Love and Understanding for Self, and All Beings.

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The final step in The Awakening Experience is Perfection. This final stage of the journey is available to those who have completed both Discovery and Immersion, and requires an investment of $3000.

Here are some examples of the results you might experience after completing Perfection:

  • Highly Developed Intuition
  • Greater Ease in Decision-Making (eliminating self-doubt makes it way easier to move forward without questioning yourself)
  • A Sense of Wholeness (when you realize at a deep, unconscious level that you were born complete, and anyone who ever made you feel otherwise was lying to you)
  • No longer fear Judgment by others (in your heart you know that you are Good Enough – the process will allow you to really feel it and know it in your conscious mind)
  • Relief from Financial Stress (by increasing your awareness of Abundance, you will start to find more opportunities to make money, and eliminate the fear that comes with a scarcity mindset)
  • Peace and Acceptance around Relationship struggles

Now I’ve chosen these price points very carefully – in order to ensure the highest quality, most transformative experience for everyone involved…

You see, I’m aware that $3000 – or even $850 – is quite a chunk of change for most people… MORE than most people are willing to invest – sadly – in their own happiness.

However, the folks who attend these seminars are not like “most people”… And while most people aren’t willing to invest the amounts listed above, the truth is… they totally could.

And YOU totally CAN.

Because if you’re the kind of person I think you are (seeing as how you’ve read this entire letter so far)… then You’re the kind of person that I created The Awakening Experience for…

And I’m willing to work with you in order to make the “finances” work for everyone.

Just fill out the application, and – if you qualify – we can come up with a personalized payment plan that fits your needs.

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Now, if you have any serious doubts about whether this Total Spiritual And Mental Liberation from Fear, Doubt, Regret, Guilt, and Judgment is worth the money… please… don’t waste your time applying.

Money is a physical manifestation of Source Energy, and it’s only “worth” the Happiness you can translate it into… and the Lifetime of Joy you stand to gain from completing this Process is simply beyond measure.

If, on the other hand, you would pay any price to experience:

  • Total Self Realization
  • A Deep Sense of Connection To Your Loved Ones (and the World at Large)
  • The Confidence You Need to Make Your Dreams a Reality
  • Clarity Around Your Life’s Purpose (so that you can pursue the activities and make the choices that will make you feel the most Fulfilled)
  • Enhanced Abilities To Manifest Your Desires into Reality
  • Deeply Rewarding and Connected Relationships with people who Love you for who you really are
  • Complete Balance between all aspects of your Conscious and Unconscious mind
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Freedom from Doubt
  • Freedom from Guilt
  • Freedom from Regret
  • Freedom from Stress
  • Total Connectedness with all Beings of the Universe

…and your only concern is HOW or WHEN you’ll be able to make the investment… then please… fill out the application now. We’ll make it work for you 🙂

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Now, if you’ve read this entire letter, Congratulations. In all likelihood, you are MORE than qualified to participate in this program 🙂

Because by taking the time to focus your mind on the possibility of a more fully realized version of yourself in this world…

You’ve already proven yourself to be committed on some level to reaching the kind of Transcendent state of Enlightened Consciousness that The Awakening Experience is designed to help you achieve.

As such, I urge you to fill out your application as soon as possible. We are only accepting 15 participants per “class”, and as I make these retreats more known to the public, I expect them to start filling up months – if not YEARS in advance. The program really is that Powerful.

So if you feel called to:

  • Living a Purpose-Driven Life
  • Making a Difference In the World
  • Healing Emotional Trauma from Your past
  • Experiencing Deeper Connection with Source Energy
  • Becoming More Confident and Charismatic
  • Ridding Yourself of Bad Habits (like smoking or compulsive overeating)
  • Becoming more Creative in your Work (so you can raise your income and enjoy your career more)
  • Experiencing Unstoppable Motivation around your Music or Art career


  • Experiencing Universal Love and Acceptance

Please, take the next 5 minutes to fill out this short application.

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Love & Light,
Hamilton Souther

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What spoke to me the most was Hamilton’s capacity to connect deeply with me and the other participants. His ability to meet us with his eyes for minutes at a time allowed me to play with aspects of connection and intimacy. Before this weekend I would have felt compelled to break the eye contact and look away due to feeling self-conscious and separate. I felt “seen, known and accepted” for the first time in my life. I felt unconditional love for the first time. Hamilton has created a life of authenticity, how he showed up and met me allowed me to see this “home” for myself. I feel that by using the tools provided, I too will make my way home to who I was meant to be when I arrived on this planet.Melissa Gretz
It was fantastic being on the retreat and spending time with Hamilton. The team was impeccable with service and dedication to the guests. Hamilton puts everything he has into the discussions and the ceremonies, and I appreciate the high level at which he consistently operates. The ceremonies were an awesome experience, less “traditionally shamanic” but still a nice blend of the old with the new. I thoroughly enjoy the direction in which Hamilton has progressed, especially since it resonates so deeply with my own journey. Thank you for an incredible experience, and hopefully it’s just another step of many on our journeys through the exploration of consciousness! I love you all!
Mike Ricciardi
The single best part of the weekend was how accessible Hamilton was. I kind of came into it thinking that Hamilton, the founder of Blue Morpho, was on a completely different level that I could never understand (kind of a celebrity). But while he clearly was on a different level he was still so easy to communicate with and could still so easily articulate various concepts to me, it was simply amazing. I did not have to be anywhere near his understanding of things to understand what he was saying and teaching me, just brilliant.Chris DeCock
I had such an amazing time. It far exceeded my expectations. The retreat was definitely an experience that I would repeat and encourage others to try. I’m looking forward to exploring the sanctuary more and further understanding what I can do in the space on my own. I felt pretty good about how Hamilton explained what he was doing, but I think if I wasn’t already familiar with Hamilton’s work I may have had trouble following. I liked the relaxed vibe of the whole experience. The group chats in the kitchen were accessible and interesting. Once we moved into the ceremony room, the lecture in there with the lights on was a nice transition into the ceremony. The way the retreat built from night to night was incredible. If I had one complaint, I would say that I would have preferred more one on one time with Hamilton. I don’t feel like the experience was lessened by not having one on one time but selfishly I would have liked more time to talk to him privately. This is a very minor complaint. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed the retreat. I feel like, in many ways, I made more progress and feel more confident going forward on this path then I did after either aya retreat I’ve done. ABC felt much more accessible to me. The way Hamilton slowly rolled it out allowed me to really get a feel and understanding for what he’s created. That already has allowed me to stay in the space now that I’m home and I’m excited to see how it continues to unfold. William Crass