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At White Morpho Institute’s retreat center, most courses follow a typical daily schedule that starts at 3pm (Discovery), or 1pm (Immersion and Perfection) and ends at 9:00 pm. The day is spent indoors with an opportunity to experience an outdoor activity, weather permitting. Snacks are available throughout the day and dinner is provided for Immersion and Perfection. Comprehensive lecture on White Morpho Institute theory is offered in addition to practical at-home instruction. In addition, each person will have ability to meet with Hamilton individually or in a group setting.
Discovery Retreats start at 4pm with pickup from your lodging starting around 3:15. Immersion retreats start at 2pm with pickup from your lodging at 1:15pm. The session usually wraps up around 9pm and we will have you home before 10pm. These times are tentative and an updated schedule will be handed out before the retreat.
If you’d like to pay the current amount due for your White Morpho Institute retreat, please  Email Our Registration Staff
We ask that you stay within 15 minutes of the retreat center for ease of transportation to and from the retreat days.

Some nice B&B’s and Air BnB’s in the area:

Air BnB Accommodations

HomeAway Accommodations

We will provide transportation to and from your lodging for the duration of the retreat. Please select lodging within 15 minutes of our retreat center to ease the transportation process. We usually arrive at your lodging 15-30 minutes before the scheduled start of activities and similarly after the retreat day finishes.
– Indoor-only, soft-soled shoes or slippers.
– A notebook and pen.
– A small flashlight or headlamp for leaving the session room during the evening.
– All necessary special foods and beverages.
– Medicines, vitamins, supplements, etc. If you have an existing medical condition, bring enough of all prescription medicines to last throughout the retreat.
– If you have ever been to an emergency room because of a medical condition, bring your doctor’s telephone number in case the condition comes up while you’re on retreat.
– Sunscreen and insect repellent. During spring and summer you may want to bring insect repellent and a head net to protect yourself from Colorado’s high-altitude sun and mosquitos during outdoor activities. Please remember, however, that strong-smelling products should not be worn in the meditation hall.

– Your own meditation cushion or bench. White Morpho Institute provides sofas and chairs with blankets and pillows, but you may wish to stretch on the floor with a yoga mat. Please bring any extra props you may need, such as additional cushions, a meditation stool, a shawl or throw rug.

Please don’t bring on retreat any scented hygiene products, since these can significantly affect fellow retreatants with chemical sensitivities.

Once your retreat starts, we ask that you refrain from using cell phones or other communication devices. And please make sure your watch doesn’t beep.

White Morpho Institute welcomes all who are genuinely interested in experiencing a retreat. If you have a chronic health issue or disability that might impact your life on retreat, please speak with our office staff before registering about White Morpho Institute’s facilities and the level of support that we can realistically offer.
Smoking is only permitted on the back patio of the retreat center. Smoking is not permitted indoors or elsewhere on the grounds or in the woods. Please be mindful of ashes, embers, and flame as wildfires are always a risk in Colorado.
Smokers must bring all their own smoking supplies.
We ask that our retreatants follow the Golden Rule while attending a retreat and treat others the way they would like to be treated in return.
Personal information may be shared openly during a retreat and all retreatants should regard personal information as highly private and protected within the space of the retreat. Respect to this is imperative to the success of the retreat.

An intensive retreat can be a positive and life transforming experience. At the same time, meditation and reflective practices can be strenuous and requires some stability of psychological health.
If you have recently experienced considerable trauma, significant depression or anxiety, or are currently experiencing strong PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), a retreat may not be appropriate for you at this time in your life. A therapist can help you assess the wisest course duration for you, or if it’s best to wait a while before signing up. Daily life practice with our Inner Circle online group may be more beneficial meanwhile.
White Morpho Institute does not furnish refunds due to the small group nature of the retreats. However, if you need to cancel and it is more than two months away from the retreat, we may in our discretion provide a partial refund. We strongly advise taking out travel insurance at the time of booking that will cover any financial losses incurred including having to cancel your trip for any reason.
Applications for White Morpho Institute retreats are accepted online, you will immediately receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. We will return any incomplete applications, including those without sufficient deposit. We process registrations by date received.

All retreatants are expected to participate in the entire course – this means arriving on time and staying through to the end of the retreat. Prior approval of both Hamilton and our office is required for anyone wishing to arrive late or leave early. Once a retreat is in process, such movement is disruptive and places an additional burden on other retreatants. The full course fee will be charged regardless of length of stay.

Please contact our office if you are chemically sensitive.

White Morpho Institute strives to provide a safe, peaceful and efficient environment for meditators. It is with regret that we find, at times, the need to turn someone away. Please know that we take great care in such situations – the discernment process is thorough and always with the intention to protect the majority of those who practice here.

Evergreen is about an hour from Denver International Airport. You may wish to take a taxi from the airport to your lodging, but please be aware that there are not taxis or Uber easily available in Evergreen and the town of Evergreen is not walkable.

For rides to the airport from Evergreen, you can schedule ahead with the following drivers:

John – 303.564.5858
Abdo – 719.433.9985
Khaled – 719.232.7633

Here is a shuttle that goes to Evergreen:
Golden West Airport Shuttle

Most of our guests rent a car so that they can explore Colorado outside of the retreat hours.

The workshop is located at an altitude of about 7200 ft. The altitude may, in some cases, produce some unusual high altitude effects such as dizziness, nausea, and headaches. However, the majority of people that do experience symptoms find that they pass within a day or two. Here are some tips to keep in mind to give your body time to adjust to the altitude and prevent altitude sickness:

– Avoid strenuous exercise the first day.
– Limit alcohol intake. Alcohol binds oxygen and water and robs your body of these two important nutrients.
– Drink more water. The air is drier and your body will dehydrate much more quickly. The higher up you go, the more water you should drink.

Please note that we are not medical doctors, psychologists or psychiatrists and do not practice medicine or prescribe drugs. We therefore require you to consult with your physician about your suitability to be in high altitudes and use cannabis.

Current weather forecast for Evergreen, CO

There are two mottos for clothing during your retreat – “Be prepared” and “Be comfortable.”

Weather in Colorado is seasonal and extremely variable, especially in the spring and fall, so we recommend that you come well prepared, with clothing selected for comfort rather than style. Outdoor temperatures may be warm enough for short-sleeves and cold enough for heavy coats, sometimes within the same day or week!

Winters are cold, and there can be rain, snow or ice. For those who like to walk outside, we suggest you bring a pair of boots or hiking shoes. Even for indoor wear, you may appreciate light gloves, a cap or scarf, warm sweaters or a shawl, and heavy socks. Summers can be hot, and modest lightweight clothing is the norm, including shorts. Please do not bring clothing in noise-making, rustling fabrics such as nylon.

We prepare lunch for our retreat guests according to food preferences and food allergies of the group attending the retreat. If you have food allergies, please let us know in your questionnaire or by email

There will also be a variety of snacks (fruits, vegetables, chips, etc) available at all times during the retreat should you get hungry.

We often get a lot of questions about the use of cannabis during our sessions.

Cannabis use is allowed under Colorado state law when used in private. As our sessions will take place at a private residence, we do allow cannabis use.

Cannabis use is not required and many participants find that they experience significant transformations without cannabis use.

We do not dispense cannabis, so you will need to purchase your own supplies from a dispensary in town.

Important health care information
While our wish is to provide all who come on retreat at White Morpho Institute with an environment most conducive to deepening meditation practice, there are practical limitations regarding the level of support we can reasonably offer.

In particular, we are unable and unqualified to provide medical and psychological care. For this reason, we request that – apart from unforeseen emergencies – you take care of your own health needs during your retreat with White Morpho Institute.
Participation in White Morpho Institute programs is at the discretion of the teachers and White Morpho Institute administration at all times. If, in the opinion of White Morpho Institute, you are unable to continue to participate productively in your retreat, you may be asked to leave.

Mental health
If you are seeing a therapist and/or any other mental health professional, please inform them of your intention to participate in a White Morpho Institute retreat. If they have any concerns about your attendance, it is important to follow their recommendations.

Waiver of liability
On your arrival, you will be asked to sign a waiver of liability and to provide details regarding an emergency contact. Your cooperation with this is necessary in order for you to attend the retreat – you will not be allowed to participate unless we are given this information.
White Morpho Institute will make every effort to communicate with your contact person in the event of an emergency. She/he should be someone who can either collect you from White Morpho Institute or help to make transportation arrangements if you need to leave your retreat early.

White Morpho Institute’s remote location

Our retreat center facility is located in a mountainous area that is approximately 30 minutes away from the nearest hospital. There is an urgent care health center with limited hours of operation 10 minutes from White Morpho Institute.

Prescription medications
If you are taking prescription medications for any reason, please ensure you bring enough supplies with you to continue treatment for the full duration of your travel. Discontinuing taking your prescription medications during a retreat is grounds to be asked to leave White Morpho Institute.

On your arrival, we will also ask for some details regarding your prescription medications. This is so that, in the event of an emergency, we can give the necessary information to Emergency Medical Services personnel. Otherwise, such details remain entirely confidential.

Before arriving for your retreat, please make sure that you have the following in place:
– The name and contact details of your emergency contact person.
– Health insurance, or the ability to pay for expenses in the event of illness or a medical emergency. Any costs incurred for health services are your responsibility and not the responsibility of White Morpho Institute.
– Contact details for your physician, therapist and/or any other medical professionals whose treatment you are under.
– An adequate supply of any prescription medications to cover the full duration of your travel.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us before you come.

Emergency medical care
In the event of an acute medical or psychological condition, an White Morpho Institute representative may determine that professional attention is required. In such situations, White Morpho Institute staff will call 911 emergency services on your behalf to take you to the nearest Emergency Room.

If you refuse care from 911 personnel, you will be required by them to sign a form acknowledging this, and you will still be liable for the cost of the ambulance call-out. You may also be asked to leave White Morpho Institute if, in the opinion of White Morpho Institute representatives, you are unable to participate in retreat functions safely.

Urgent medical care
In the event of an urgent medical problem that an White Morpho Institute representative judges as not serious enough to require a 911 call-out, we may be able to arrange for our staff to transport you to the urgent care health center or to the emergency room of one of the nearby hospitals.

If the medical problem requires continued professional care and you are unable to provide or arrange your own transportation for such care, it will be necessary to leave White Morpho Institute, for your own safety.

If you have any further questions about your stay please contact us.
We hope you have a fruitful and inspiring retreat with us here at White Morpho Insitute, and we look forward to greeting you in person!

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