Trauma Liberation Technique


You don’t have to be paralyzed by trauma to honor your life.

Trauma touches everybody, including you and me, leaving a stain on our overall experience of life. We feel purposeless, struggle financially, and suffer accidents. The pain and trauma you carry from the past such as being teased, bullied, overlooked, fired, broken up with, divorced, ostracized from family, separated from your children, or physically hurt interrupts your ability to live freely and fully experience your life today.

How Does It Help You? Trauma Liberation Technique™ will guide your life back on course. It teaches the key personal skills and virtues you need to liberate yourself from suffering. Maybe you’ve sensed that people tip-toe around you, or only help you because you were victimized. Once liberated from trauma, you will start to experience the true You from within. You will find that people respond to the real you, and you will begin to establish true bonds with yourself and others.

Here is what your Trauma Liberation Course includes

  • The truth about trauma and how it is currently shaping your life
  • 12 Week training that teaches you to Liberate yourself from Trauma
  • How to free your consciousness from trauma-induced imprisonment
  • The keys to emotional release which will help you transcend PTSD, depression, anxiety and addiction.
  • All of the life skills necessary to heal yourself.

This 3 month web-based course changes lives. It teaches the core life skills and virtues necessary to liberate yourself from trauma. Each week you will learn a key-teaching such as Forgiveness, Truth, or Courage, and how each is essential to rediscovering your freedom, no matter what you’ve been through.

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