Inspirational Stories From
our Clients

I could feel my heart feed all parts of my body. Maybe not for the first time in my life but the first time consciously. It flowed through my whole body, every limb. It felt really great. Also the grounding breathing technique was really helpful. Never been so grounded. I’ve been needing to be grounded for a while now.Alex

Wow! This course has gotten better and better, forcing me to come to terms with (and change) my definitions of self, other, time, life…Rob

I love the continuity with the previous steps and how they all deepen and weave together so well in meditation with the next. Am both excited and fascinated to see the next step and where this is headed…I connected to the practice of this video really strongly…the grounding and embodiment is really perfect and refreshing. I found the steps to the meditation really clear and was rejoicing in the base truths and the grounding e.g. of one timeline of experience. I enjoyed the descriptions Hamilton gave in and around each part of the meditation to help deepen the connection with the experience. Tanya

Thank you so much for an authentic expression and powerful reminder of how we are all one
playing this one cosmic game together, Maestro Hamilton Souther. We might not all have the same life experience, but we all contribute in helping each other consciously decide to thankfully give up things that no longer serve us or necessary, and move into co­creating a reality that is more joyful and loving.Michael

They are the real deal. Hamilton has created an extremely powerful method for healing and transformation. This is a crash course in multi­dimensional awareness that leads to proven results.Cynthia

An amazing collaboration of consciousness & spirit & technology. One of the most transcendental experiences I’ve had. Amazing, powerful and filled with transformation, challenges and love. I realize that something beyond all my “thinking” about this is happening…and that something is beneficial and helping me in ways that I’m not consciously comprehending yet. It’s an amazing journey that I look forward to continuing with you. I feel this overwhelming joy to be alive! This past eight months has been full of positive growth and self realization. My health and vitality have returned. This really works!Rob

The world remains unchanged but you are now equipped with tools, sense of knowing, bravery and strength to face challenges… I have less need to be perfect, to fix things or to pretend to be strong with an air of subtle snobbery. Authentic connection with self and people starts to take form, social interaction becomes more relaxed and enjoyable. Everyday is a new discovery, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is not about seeing huge changes right away but learning, experiencing little lessons every waking moment.Paul

I received my recording from Hamilton about a week ago. The first time I listened to it the impact was immediate and profound and took me from a state of instability to being more grounded than I have ever felt before. I felt anchored, secure, solid and resilient. The Shamanic medicine within the recording is very powerful and pure. I achieved my intentions completely and instantly. Since then I have used the recording daily and it has been almost like a new experience every time. Each time I hear the recording it not only reinforces my state of wellbeing but seems to contain new teachings for me to learn, grow and progress. I feel such love and gratitude for the help and guidance Hamilton has given to me through this recording.Gillean

The team was impeccable with service and dedication to the guests. Hamilton puts everything he has into the discussions and the ceremonies, and I appreciate the high level at which he consistently operates. The ceremonies were an awesome experience, less “traditionally shamanic” but still a nice blend of the old with the new. I thoroughly enjoy the direction in which Hamilton has progressed, especially since it resonates so deeply with my own journey. Thank you for an incredible experience, and hopefully it’s just another step of many on our journeys through the exploration of consciousness! Mike

What spoke to me the most was Hamilton’s capacity to connect deeply with me and the other participants. His ability to meet us with his eyes for minutes at a time allowed me to play with aspects of connection and intimacy. … I felt “seen, known and accepted” for the first time in my life. I felt unconditional love for the first time. Hamilton has created a life of authenticity, how he showed up and met me allowed me to see this “home” for myself. I feel that by using the tools provided, I too will make my way home to who I was meant to be when I arrived on this planet.